Dark Fiber

Traditional Lease

Whether you need a connection for a single week or twenty years, DF&I understands that each application and network utilization cycle is different.  You need a vendor who's creativity doesn't stop at the solution design phase. DF&I knows this and is here to help if you need a single pair of fibers or 432 pairs.  Contract it your way.


It is a fact of business that there are times when you want to utilize cash on hand.  A pre-paid twenty year IRU is a great way to leverage existing cash to future proof your networking needs with dark fiber.  The Team at DF&I has been selling and servicing IRU's for more than 17 years.   We've been there, done that, and still love it.  

Bill of Sale

We understand that there are times when factors within your business require you to physically OWN your network assets.  DF&I will sell strands within a shared system as well as entire cable systems as needed and sign a separate maintenance contract allowing you to still take advantage of cost sharing on  your network.